11 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Give Up On Love

For the Modern Single Woman
with a Good Heart & Successful Career



Hi, I am Nekisha Michelle your new best friend and fierce love coach. I had the nerve to create a wildly successful business 4 years ago from the part of my life that caused me the most pain and suffering, "Love & Relationships".

As a plus size woman I used to think it was my size that kept me in a dating dry spell and when I had dates they were the men that used me to better their lives, get what they wanted and cheat or disappear on me.

Thats all changed now, I have an Amazing Husband & I live an Amazing Life. I am so glad I did not give up on love and you shouldn't either. The one for you does exist and I am certain I can help you get him.

Today, I am giving a free webinar just for you on the "11 Reasons Not to Give Up On Love" for modern successful single women with big beautiful hearts.

Your thoughts about love will never be the same  

Webinar Objectives:

1. Learn the 11 reasons not to give up on love.

2. How to stop being the savior in the relationship.

3. How to stop attracting men who are intimidated by you.  
4. Learn the 1 thing that may be keeping you from your true soulmate.


About Your Webinar Host

Nekisha Michelle (aka Nasira)
Love Doyenne, Certified Matchmaker & Life Coach

Smart, educated and a thriving career in social work did not keep Nekisha Michelle from experiencing a bad first marriage, depressing and emotionally damaging dating encounters, a job that made her miserable and all because of a belief that as a plus size woman she was not lovable, she was not wanted and she was not enough. Nekisha’s abusive childhood left her with those feelings that constantly became the theme of her life.


In 2012, Nekisha experienced an interruption to the belief system that was making her very unhappy and keeping her living a poor quality of life filled with depression and anxiety. As a result, she redesigned her life and bounced back to conquered her pitfalls and barriers to love and what stopped her from having the life she imagined herself having.


Within six months while traveling to West Africa, she met the other half of her soul and was married within 5 months.  In 2013, compelled to teach these methods, she expanded her company Nekisha Michelle International, from life coaching part-time into a full-time profitable programming for digital products, hosting & interviewing with the primary focus being the love and matchmaking agency, ULTIMATE MATCH.  ULTIMATE MATCH supports plus-size successful women with big hearts who want a private and personalized approach to find love, get married and live happily. 


Since that time, she has helped hundreds of women and couples find success in love and life. She is living her passion as a TV Personality in Hollywood.


Nekisha has appeared on popular shows on networks such as OWN and HGTV. She was the relationship expert for Los Angeles-top rated KTLA. She starred in three music videos of Hip Hop and Rock Influencers such as Lil Jon and Lil Dicky.  Nekisha was one of the host of Motivational Chat for 3 years on Actors Entertainment and is currently a contributing writer for Huffington Post.


Nekisha Michelle has been featured in national print and online publications like Black Enterprise, Ebony & Success Magazines as well as top-rated international blogs.


Nekisha's personal journey of love and life success from a plus-size woman’s perspective, are weaved throughout the core of whatever assignment she takes on. That’s what makes her exquisitely experiential and very rare.