Why Are You Avoiding Me?




Have you ever found yourself frustrated because you’re significant other seems to delay, run-a-way from or dodge a specific topic of discussion?

I’ll illuminate quickly an example of one specific type of issue I help my matchmaking and dating clients glide consistently through the ability to discuss with their person of interest anything related to engagement and marriage.

That conversation seems to bring up the potential of the other party checking out mentally because those who are not ready for that level of commitment will RUN!

Maybe you’re the one that prefers not to address certain topics or persons.

What It Could Look or Feel Like
Maybe you feel overwhelmed by attending social events and activities. That is a strong issue for me because believe it or not, I am an introvert and when I have the opportunity to attend events and social situation or gatherings, I will not go.

Avoidance Coping
Avoidance coping is a way to decrease stressors and mal feelings by not addressing or dealing with them. avoidance may provide temporary relief, but it backfires if you rely on it excessively. Trying to run away from your troubles increases stress and undermines your self-confidence.

Every time you escape a situation, conversation or a person simply because you feel uncomfortable dealing with it, him or her; and this is your go-to method to refrain or hide; It means either you or the particular person has a primary coping style of AVOIDANCE.

In fact, according to an article published through Very Well Mind, those who are naturally prone to anxiety may have learned avoidance techniques early on and perhaps have a more difficult time learning more proactive strategies afterward. Additionally, if you learned this type of behavior growing up, it may be a habit now.

Three Reasons Avoidance Coping Does NOT Work

  1.  Avoidance coping hurts your relationships by creating lingering conflict.

  2. Avoidance coping is said to heighten and induce anxiety.

  3. Avoidance coping rarely diminishes a problem, it actually magnify’s the issue.

Positive Change Creates Powerful Results
Changing your avoidant coping style can make you more resilient and successful. Face your troubles head on and manage your emotions. You’ll experience less stress and feel more positive about yourself and your conscious ability to form healthy habits.

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