What Are You Willing To Do For Yourself?



I see them all the time…

The broken

The sad

The one’s feeling empty

And the one’s feeling alone

They feel as though, that once Mr.Right comes along that all those feelings will go away. And they will…for awhile.

What they aren’t seeing is the bigger picture, the one where they are highest and most important piece of the picture.

Women come to me all the time wanting to find a man that will do more for them than what they will do for themselves.

Ladies it is time to remember who you are and LOVE YOURSELF before you expect someone to love you in return.

The companion you are missing isn’t a man, it’s YOU!!!

Over the next few weeks we are going to go through a series where I talk about self-esteem and share with you 15 signs that demonstrate you aren’t loving yourself enough.

What women fail to understand is relationships don’t thrive off of your academic preparedness, your strength and your social independence or status, property or assets. Relationships don’t thrive off your bedroom skills or loyalty.

Relationships thrive off of your happiness, confidence, support and warmth that makes a man feel at home with you.

When he feels at home, he sees you as valuable, precious and irreplaceable.

To get to this space in your dating and next relationship depends on how you cultivate your intimate relationship with yourself. Just because you spend time alone with yourself or buy yourself fresh flowers and take yourself on dates does not mean you are self loving and giving yourself quality attention.

Quality is achieving intimate time by yourself and that’s what counts.

What you do when no one is looking, how you feel when no one is looking and what you focus on when no one is looking makes or breaks your ability to have a happy sustainable relationship.

While you are single, create the self-love, build your relationship worth and get a mentor who can show you how to do both.

I got you covered, I’ll be your mentor if you will allow me and over the next few weeks, I am going to show you how to build a relationship with yourself so you can thrive in a relationship with another.

Bliss & Blessings

Have you been having a hard time dating quality men?
Does your current relationship need a serious do-over?
Are you tired of being self-conscious about your weight and size?
Do you have issues with being uninhibited during intimacy?
Are you struggling with feeling sexy and irresistible?
Are you still dealing with past baggage that has you feeling emotionally unstable?
Do you want to start dating but you keep trying to get yourself together?

Ladies! It is time to renew your confidence and elevate your self worth. Make your self-love a priority and join me in this 21-day challenge, “Plus Side of Sensuality”. 

Learn to be the confident woman that can attract a fabulous man and a fabulous healthy lifestyle. You’ve been trying to do it on your own for far too long but its time to shake the fear and unleash the Goddess in you.

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Nekisha Michelle, MSW is the only plus-size matchmaker in the world. Nekisha is a speaker, television personality, business owner, author and producer. She has a social media following of over 12,000 fans across all platforms combined. Her mission is to support women in becoming Ready Women who live happy, successful- lives and create sexy, healthy -relationships without overwhelm and conflict. Nekisha Michelle believes, The Ready Woman can have it all through B.L.I.S.S. (Beauty. Love. Intuition. Sensuality. Significance.)