There Is No Such Thing As “Exclusive”



My first question before we begin is, did you pull back?

Remember when you pull back, he is going to feel that energy. When you continue to go on with your life, hang out with your friends, go on trips, dates with different men, you have now put him in a position where he has to make that decision whether he is going to miss you and if your presence means that much to him.

Ladies I want to remind you today that there is no such thing as “Exclusive”! You are either married or you are not. So when he comes back around and is telling you that he wants to be exclusive, remind him that unless you have a ring on your finger and a date picked out for the wedding that you are NOT exclusive and you will continue to date other people.

If he is not ready to commit to giving you a ring then he is not ready to commit to you solely.

When I talk to you about date with options, I want you to date other people. I want you to live your life like it is golden and stop putting him first!

Girl,it is time to juicy yourself up and allow of the abundance of men come to you.

Bliss & Blessings


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