Sex Too Soon…


“Sex too soon kills the mans desire too commit. He has to feel like he earned something special and you have to lay down the rules before you give it to him.” -Nekisha Michelle

Why is that you make me asking. Join me this week as we chat about why you may want to reconsider having sex too soon.

Sex is a special part of a relationship and it is a very intimate way to show someone how much you care or interested in them. However, when you have sex too soon, two things happen:

1) You instantly allow physical deeper feelings start to arise. Instead of jumping into bed, take the time to get to know the person on a more emotional level.

2) You have lost any type of control on where the relationship is going. Before you give someone your most prized possession, you MUST lay down the rules and have a commitment in place. Commitment means to have agreeable terms on where the relationship is going. Whether that is engagement or marriage, make it something you are comfortable and feel secure with.

Remember, though sex can be an important and intimate part of your relationship it does not make your relationship whole. It is simply one area of a relationship where you can connect and feel a deep bond.



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