You can't enjoy love or attract your soulmate because you are afraid you will get hurt(AGAIN).

You're either in a dating dry spell OR everytime you think of love, you don't know whether to be excited or sad. 

You really want to give up but you don't want to be alone the rest of your life. All you want is to be loved and happy!

Just when you think it's going to work and you've found the right man, you're disappointed AGAIN.

-You catch him lying
-You find yourself arguing
-He's not calling back or taking responsibility for his behaviors

This audio series is the real juicy on how to STOP dating &relationships from driving you MAD! 

This is the training that will help you snatch back your power and your self-worth to get the relationship you've been praying for. This program is also designed to help you not sabbatoge your relationship once you get him.  

What's included:

  • Orientation to Positioned for Love

  • Session 1: The Four Laws of "THE RIGHT" Companionship

  • Session 2: Overcoming the Issue of Trust

  • Session 3: Value of Your Vagina

  • Session 4: Irrisistible Communication- (How to Get What You Want) with Boyo

  • Session 5: Laser Coaching

  • Session 6: The Stages of Mastery