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Welcome to the Ready Woman G-Spot this program is designed as a self-study to give you step- by-step education and skills to attract high quality love and be married in 12 months. This program may also be used as a supplement to private coaching and matchmaking services.

I am Nekisha Michelle, your coach, matchmaker and new BFF. I am so glad you have said yes to the premier opportunity to change your love status. I don’t care why you said yes, just know that your YES will lead you to a reward so amazing you’ll be mad you didn’t get started sooner.

My team and I are here to assist you in any way we can, we want your experience to be great, smooth, fun and most of all transformational. Feel free to reach us inside the private Facebook group (yes I will be there) or by email at

Until We Meet or Speak, Hug Yourself for Me!

In Bliss,



Steps to G-Spot SUCCESS:

  1. Enroll in the private Facebook group using the button to the left.

  2. Start your journey with the Five Orientation Videos by clicking the button to the left in yellow. Post proof and work in the Facebook group page for discussion and support.

  3. After orientation follow the programs in the order they are placed to the left of this page (they’re in red) starting with “Heal & Love Again”.

  4. The Bi-Weekly Class Replay are available if you miss them. Hot Seat Coaching is on the 2nd Sunday and our Master Class is on the last Sunday of each month both at 5pm PST/ 7pm CST/ 8pm EST/. The Replay is on the left side.

  5. Wake up and go to sleep to the WAKE UP LOVE meditation & prayer audio seen on the left.

  6. Remember go at your own pace and ask questions, create discussions and show your work in your private coaching sessions with Nekisha Michelle or on the Facebook group platform. As well as on the monthly live classes.

  7. The programs are on a drip reveal schedule. You will only be able to access programs after a certain period giving you time to complete the previous program. A new program will be available to you every 15-30 days.

  8. When you complete each program, you should be able to see immediate changes in your dating life, relationships and be married in 1 year. NOT FOLLOWING THE PROGRAM RESULTS IN STAGNATION, FRUSTRATION & NO RESULTS!

  9. Make regular time to date you, with these videos and audios. THIS is your commitment to you. Completing them makes you a READY WOMAN! A woman who is ready for what she has prayed for in love and life.

  10. If you desire more accountability and to shorten your learning to 90 days -6 months or you desire matchmaking services, there are two additional programs that you may UPGRADE to. To select the appropriate program UPGRADE book your 30 minute consultation with Nekisha Michelle by clicking here.

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