New Year New Love
Virtual Retreat for Singles

Join me and my Ready Woman Love Circle team for this 5 day online retreat designed to help you leap into 2018 with a clean slate for love & happiness.

I know you made your resolution and stepped into 2018 excited about the possibility of this being the year when you finally get it all.

  • Do you have a plan?

  • Do you have the powerful keys necessary to accelerate your desires?

  • Do you know how to guarantee 2018 to be the best year you have ever experienced in love, relationships and your personal happiness?

This virtual love retreat is for you to get the secret, the shortcut, and the sanity necessary to be positioned and prepared.

Together my team and I will prepare your mind, spirit, emotions and expectations to find lasting love and happiness that you can finally believe in. 


Guest Speaker: Patrina Hughes,
Wednesday 1.11.18 - Dealing With Reality

Life Teacher & Relationship Mentor
(Married 26 years)


Guest Speaker: Faith Joyner,
Tuesday 1.9.18 - Releasing the past

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist,
Marriage Counselor & Coach.
(Married 13 years)


Host: Nekisha Michelle Kee,
The Plus-Size Love Doyenne, Certified Matchmaker
Wednesday 1.08.18 -Extreme Self Care
Thursday 1.11.18 -Visualization

(4 Years Married)


image1 2.jpeg

Guest Speaker: Karla Beedles
Friday 1.12.18 - Keys to Love & Happiness in 2018
CEO of K Beedles Consulting
Success Strategist
(4 Years Married)