The Ultimate Toxic Love Detox - This lesson helps you understand why finding healthy love has been difficult for you and how to take immediate actions to clear your past and end this pattern of broken relationships in your life. 

Dear Beautiful, this is a very heavy lesson so please take very good care of yourself.  After completing different stages of the assignments, please do a cleansing bath using olive oil, sea salt and scented candles.  During your bath repeat:

"I am happy, whole and experiencing more love and loyalty than I have ever imagined, felt or manifested before.  God is good and the Universe is supporting my wishes and desires." -And so it is!

Lesson 2

Discover Your True Vision for Love - This lesson helps you identify what love is for you and how to identify who your soulmate is when he shows up. No more confusion about who is right for you and no more unnecessary long list about what you want in a man. The secret to how this is done will blow your mind.

Dear Beautiful,
After completing this assignment, create your love & romance music playlist and spend 15-30 minutes a day preferably before bedtime and meditate on your vision, your list and FEEL INTO the place of LOVE you truly want to experience with your mate. 


Lesson 3

Snatch Back Your Power When Dating -This lesson brings self esteem, tools and skills to date with confidence online and offline. Nekisha reveals what you should and should not do on dates. Following her advice will keep men begging to be with you AND you will know exactly how and when to respond. This class brings you to a place of power not awkward feelings of fear and uncertainty.

Dear Beautiful,

Share your dating wins and share how many comforters you are able to collect and know that the one devoted to you will show up and sweep you off your feet.


Own Your Right to Good Love & Sex -This lesson eliminates the 90 day rule confusion and the pressure of having sex too soon or the ability to not scare him off because you're celibate. You will learn when to have sex and how to use the power of your vagina the right way that makes him want to give you the desires of your heart.  SPOILER ALERT: When the time comes this course will give you the condidence and techniques to blow his mind and can't get enough of you.

Dear Beautiful,

Don't shy and realize your body is a temple and if you don't love it, adore it and spend time with her no one else will treasure you. Endulge & PLAY!  Soon I'll have tools to help you.


3 Secrets to Being Irresistible & Gaining Attention from the Right Man - This lesson co-taught with BOYO, Nekisha's husband shows you that your soulmate will not notice you if you can't make his head turn in your direction.  You will learn exactly what to do to stand out and be recognized for your inner and outter beauty. This is the most important aspect of finding true love because you want the right man to be drawn to you and BE READY to give you his love and devotion. 

Dear Beautiful,

Make sure you seek professional support for your make-over and start to count how many compliments and head turns you can get in a day.  Each day attempt to break your own record.  Remember that you dress to impress men not your girlfriends or other women.  

Lesson 6

Tough Love Coaching Advice   - This is the lesson that you get to be a butterfly on the wall and hear Nekisha Michelle coaching women very much like you and providing tough love to their relationship issues and dating drama. Get deep intimate answers to be ready for love and knowing how to keep it when it comes. 

Dear Beautiful,

It's time to reflect on who you were when you started this journey and who you've become as a result. Did you miss any steps to the action plan? What questions do you have? Make sure you ask them in the group or at our next group coaching session. Clarity and being intentional is key to becoming a wife. 

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