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Ultimate Match Agency

Don't Allow the Inability to find true Love Be Determined By Your Curvy Shape or
because you're Plus-Size! We Are the Experts, We will find the men and help you
create an irresistible state of mind.


About ultimate match

Ultimate Match Agency was created from the personal love story of the founding duo, Nekisha Michelle and Boyo Agboola. Ultimate Match is based in the midtown area of Atlanta, GA and the only known professional, full-time matchmaking agency in the world that supports plus-size and curvy women to find authentic true love. Since 2013, they’ve successfully worked with hundreds of women and a few great men using their secret system to not only make accelerated love connections but teaches an exciting, simple and modern-day experience to support the success driven and evolved woman to…

  • Increase confidence and feel good consistently about dating & optimistic with finding real love.

  • Expand the irresistible factor to attract men that make you feel adored and want to take you off the market quickly.

  • Strengthen the feminine qualities so you can communicate in an impactful way to get what you need and want from your partner. While enjoying the power of an intoxicating thriving relationship.

  • Magnetize an amazing partner that gets you, is loyal to you and will support your ambitions and your personal vision for your life.

Your “Ultimate Match” Could Be a
Few Days or Dates Away.
— Nekisha Michelle, Matchmaker & Dating Coach
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Our ideal client

OUR IDEAL CLIENT is a smart, curvy or plus-size woman who is decisive and committed to herself and is willing to release what she’s been doing to engage with an expert that will get her accelerated results.

OUR IDEAL CLIENT is ready to make her full happiness and love life a priority and release the shame, guilt and feelings of inadequacy with dating and love in the past.

Current Singles Ready to mingle

Connections can’t be faked. Dating shouldn’t be forced. Create a more authentic romance from the start. Please take a minute an decide if it is time for you to seek a professional, if the answer is YES, we’d love to get to know you and together figure out if our services are a fit for your wants and needs. Above are a few of our current singles, ready to mingle.


Global Relationship Expert teaching women leaders and employees to elevate their EQ & effective communication to increase satisfaction,productivity & healthy intimate relationships

Doyenne - French: At the top of her game, senior most member, influencer, very wise.

Nekisha Michelle is the creator of The Ready Woman Brand and is known as the Plus-Size Love Doyenne. She is a globally recognized relationship expert, plus-size matchmaker, media personality, professional speaker and owner of Ultimate Match Dating Agency. A matchmaking agency she operates with her husband and daughters. 

Nekisha inspires more than 10,000+ followers across all her social media platforms. A successful businesswoman of six years and a former social work administrator in foster care & adoptions of 10 years in Los Angeles County.

Nekisha Michelle energetically, sarcastically but professionally uses her personal experience and time tested solution-focused methods to assist the independent, modern-day woman in raising her emotional intelligence and effective communication from the boardroom to the bedroom.

As a speaker, coach and author, Nekisha demonstrates to her audiences how to quickly overcome disappointment, uncertainty and being overwhelmed. The tools and skill-set Nekisha provides masterfully creates immediate relief while teaching women to feel good about themselves, the progression and productivity of her professional relationships as well as be women who win in dating and intimate love.

Nekisha Michelle believes when a woman unleashes her BLISS (beauty, love, intuition, sensuality, significance) she can have it all with no regrets!



~Physically,sexually & emotionally abused 5-15
~Worked at McDonalds at 12
~Teen Mother at 14
~Victim of Domestic Violence at 18
~Diagnosed with Clinical Depression at 19
~Became an AKA at 19
~Earned my BA at 21
~Traveled to Europe at 23
~Earned my MSW at 24
~Homeless at 24
~Published my first book at 25
~Director of Foster Care at 26
~Started my first business at 27
~Purchased my first home at 28
~Owned 2 Cars at 29
~My 1st Marriage at 29
~Had my second child at 30
~Spent a weekend in jail at 31
~Emotionally abused by husband #1 for 5 years
~Left & Divorced 34
~Director of foster care & adoptions at 34
~Became a radio & TV Personality in Hollywood 35
~Opened my life coaching practice at 36
~Traveled to Nigeria at 38
~Remarried at 38
~Expanded my coaching to dating & matchmaking services at 39
~Published 2 more books and helped hundreds of women find their Bliss and find true love in themselves, careers and a significant other.


While coaching and supporting women to evolve their happiness in life and love, she landed her first television appearance on KTLA-5 Morning News in Los Angeles, CA which created a hunger to share her wisdom and passion about love and relationships on TV. Nekisha Michelle became infatuated with the Hollywood Camera and the impact it had on viewers. Nekisha Michelle landed roles that allowed her to be on HGTV’s Crowded House and OWN’s Flex & Shanice Wilson Reality Show. She’s been able to show body positivity in a fun way in as a video girl in Lil’ Jons song “Bend Ova”, and Lil Dicky’s song “Classic Male Pregame”. She was in a segment of the Queen Latifah talk show. Besides hanging out when she can in Hollywood She has been featured in Success Magazine, Black Enterprise, Plus Model Magazine, Upscale, Rolling Out , Voyage Atlanta, Insider, RedBook, Bustle and Ebony to name a few.


We Love Success Stories

Would you like to be our next success story?

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Kim Took A Chance…

I took a chance when I really didn't want to.  I listened to what Nekisha said to me and I followed her directives. I wanted to give up before our first date, I was so afraid but Nekisha inspired hope. I am so happy to be Mrs. Antoine. He is so good to me and such a real man, he embraced me and my 3 biological children as well as my four adoptive children. I finally got my dream wedding, marriage and I am living my dream life. All you have to do is listen to Nekisha Michelle.


Jeri’s Married Now

When I started working with Nekisha, I had just gotten out of a year-long relationship. I couldn't understand why my romantic relationships kept ending the same way. I was living in a state of perpetual fear. But now, I am bold and brave enough to stand out. I have the courage to shine! I used the skills and techniques I learned working with Nekisha. Obeying my truth made me irresistible to him and we were married within a year. 
**Jeri is now a Ready Woman Coach in the G-Spot.


Will said, “No More Settling”

Nekisha Michelle, helped me through a break-up of a situation that just was not working out. I seemed to find the attractive girls lacking ambition. I didn’t think I needed help but she helped me a lot and I attended one of her singles mixers in Los Angeles, CA. I met someone, it expanded my faith although she wasn’t the one but using the dating information I learned from Nekisha, I found my queen and married her within a year. Nekisha Michelle is the real deal.
Owner & Manager

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Book your FREE private consultation with Nekisha Michelle in the month of February.

Book your FREE private consultation with Nekisha Michelle in the month of February.


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