I know what it feels like …


I know what it feels like to be told, you’re too fat, men don’t want fat girls. I have been told countless times, if I could just lose the extra weight, men would fall instantly in love with me because I am such a cute girl. I know first hand what it feels like to be in so much gut-wrenching agony and feeling as though, you will never find the right soul to love you fully, deeply and unconditionally.

I know what it feels like to be left, physically hurt, belittled, berated, scared, scarred and misused. I know what it feels like to be divorced, cheated on, grasping and scratching to find an ounce of dignity as you move through your daily routines but wallowing in this dredge and pain deep inside because you fear to be alone.

I know what it feels like to have hope escape you and feeling like nothing really matters because you can’t find a man to see the value in you. A man to support you and hold you tight and wipe your tears and remind you everything is going to be alright.

For many years I drowned in my own tears and pity was my constant companion until a small voice on the inside guided me to believe one more time. To build hope and work diligently on me until I felt 1000% happy, pleased with myself and my life. I worked for six months day in and day out doing everything I could, reading everything that promised to help me transform and turn my life around.



At the completion of the six months, my soul was calling me to take a trip of a lifetime to the other part of the world in Nigeria, West Africa. I took my daughter and we visited Africa for a whole month. At the height of my Bliss of just enjoying my experience, IT HAPPENED!


I was introduced to the other half of my soul. Within a week he said the energy, the passion, my smile had him sold and he knew deep down inside that I was his wife. In fact, when I saw him and interacted with him, I had a deep longing toward him as if I had known him for a lifetime. Five -in -half months later we married.

It’s been 6 amazing, wonderful years of being blissfully married to the man of my dreams. The man I got the courage to hope for one more time. The man I did not have to lose 1lb to have. It is now my duty, my passion, my life's work, my greatest joy, to take your hand, and help you uncover for yourself, the most transformational journey ever to manifesting the other half of your soul.

I call this path the BLISS CODE of The Ready Woman. It is a failproof method when done earnestly and diligently will turn your bleakness into a goldmine of lasting love. The love you never thought you could have. If I got it, honey you can get it too and plus I have already helped hundreds of women magnetize their hearts desires.




I am super eager and here to show you how to activate and elevate BLISS (Beauty, Love, Intuition, Sensuality, Significance)! Get excited because, by this time next year or SOONER, you will have experienced the richest, most joyous and accelerated pathway to finding your Ultimate Match.

Remember, WE GOT YOU! -
Now breathe and let’s create your love story.