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Total Bliss in Bali 2019

October 20-26

**Only2 Spaces Left**

This fall I am bringing 9 adventurous women to Bali, for seven days and six nights, to refuel, redesign and super-size their happiness. Bali is one of the most spiritually uplifting and emotionally invigorating awe-inspiring places on earth.

Known as the island of the gods, it is deep with supreme cultural traditions, harmony and rejuvenating joy. The land and energy of Bali is fertile for allowing you to cultivate new beginnings and blossom into a new you for the next chapter of your life.

No more putting others needs first, no more lack of self-care and no more putting off your long-awaited desire to indulge in the deep ocean of life’s wonderful pleasures.

When you leave, you’ll have no struggle or stagnation when it comes to infusing your
spiritual alignment and personal power in everything
you do, including being a balanced leader, lover and friend.

Our Private Villa

Total Investment $1997 per person.
**Installment is available and retreat must be paid in full by September 15, 2019. There are no refunds or transfers. You are elgible to purchase travel insurance at your own expense. We have preferred providers you will receive when we receive your investment.



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A country of astonishing history, pride and legacy. Nine open-hearted single women will get to bathe in the sun and scenerary of West Africas hot-bed of extraordinary people, cuisine and culture.

It’s the opportunity of a lifetime to experience the real Nigerian way as we spend 8 nights and 9 days in the luxury of Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos is Nigerias largest city known for its beach resorts, boutiques and nightlife.

Get ready for a mind-blowing week of emotional pull and empowerment as we transition from the historical slave trade museum to Freedom Park the once colonial-era prison, now a major venue for concerts and public events. All the way to discovering the multitude of posibilities of a more enlightened way to be single on foreign soil.

Allow the sultry vibes of the Nigerian scene wrap around you like a long awaited lover. Where life-shifting action is taking place all around you from our carefully curated male panel discussion, to full day seminars on dating, relationships and marriage with Nigerian men as well as the joy, nerves mixed with excitement of matching introduction with pre-screened elgible male singles.

Lagos, Nigeria is where the Love Story began for Nekisha Michelle & Boyo on December 21, 2012 and they are very excited about helping you create your love story too. How else do you plan to spend the month of love and Valentines Day? Be with us on the other side of the world igniting MOTHERLAND magic with the strong possibility of finding real love.

Why Should You Visit Nigeria

Nigeria is the GIANT OF AFRICA

If you rely on what you see or hear in the media about Nigeria, chances are you would miss out on an opportunity to experience what the “Giant of Africa” is really like. There is never a dull moment.

  • A thriving nightlife

  • Abundance of natural landmarks

  • Local and international restaurants

  • A boisterous and globally renowned entertainment scene

  • A sexy dating & romance haven for single plus-size women

Nigerians Go “All in” With Parties

If you haven’t heard this before—Nigerians party big! Practically every celebration is a mini-festival, regardless of the occasion or the time of day.

  • Parties are not restricted to the weekends

  • Most parties have an unspoken “everyone is welcome” policy

  • Nightlife in Nigeria is another realm of its own

  • No matter your tastes, there’s something for you.

All You Can Eat… and Then Some More

Nigeria has some of the healthiest foods and food combinations on the planet! However, watch out for pepper if you can’t handle it. They infuse pepper in the most organic form in most dishes.

  • You can find a variety of dishes to delight your taste buds

  • At the bukas (local eateries)

  • Continental and intercontinental reach at some of the nicest restaurants you’ll ever visit.

The Local Markets & Malls

Yet another quest to undertake in Nigeria is going to the local markets. Immerse yourself in the vast markets such as

  • Idumota/Balogun Market in Lagos

  • Onitsha Main Market

  • Buying exquisite locally made fabrics

  • Groceries, clothing items, electronic gadgets

  • Craftworks, or are just in need of some good “haggling spar.”

The average Nigerian was born with a sense of style and creativity, so you don’t necessarily need to get close to a catwalk to witness this first hand. However, these gifts are also illustrated in the Nigerian fashion industry, which is blowing up across the world with its indigenous designs. If you’re looking to improve the foreign section of your wardrobe with the latest in African designs, the market place will be your stairway to shopping heaven.

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History, Arts, and Tradition

Although skirted by the Atlantic Ocean, Lagos is surrounded by cities and towns with historical and cultural significance. Most of these places, like Lagos itself, had thriving civilizations before the advent of colonialism.



Established as a war camp in the 1800s, Ibadan has grown to be the largest indigenous city in Africa. Within its borders are historical landmarks, such as the first university in Nigeria and the first TV station in Africa. The city is surrounded by seven hills and at the top of one of them is Bower’s Tower, where you can get a view of the old city, spread beneath your feet.



Named for its rocky outcrops (‘abeokuta’ means ‘under the rock’) that served as refuge from slave-hunters from Ibadan and Dahomey in 1830, Abeokuta is another cultural and historical landmark that is a delight to explore on a day trip. Olumo Rock is the biggest drawing card for Abeokuta.


To explore Badagry is to walk in the shoes of the men and women who were sold off during the trans-Atlantic slave trade – a difficult but necessary journey for anyone seeking to understand history, the self, and humanity. However Badagry (known by the locals as Gbagle) isn’t just about the slave trade – the town is also about its people, who are into fishing, the salt trade, and coconut processing.



Epe is the capital of the Ijebu Kingdom (a subgroup of the Yoruba), established as a port pre-colonialism to trade with the Dutch and Portuguese. It is presently known as the largest fish market in the southwest, but to get the best of the market, it is advisable to leave early in the morning.

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It’s Time to Create Your Nigerian Memories?

FROM THE MOMENT you land on the rich soil of the motherland expect the adventure to begin. As you are greeted by the busy, vastly populted airport surroundings. To being whisked away on your airport shuttle bus to Lagos Island where you’ll co-exist among where the royals work, live and play.

  • Expect daily mouth-watering breakfast inside the five-star hotel accommodations.

  • Morning Meditation and Soulfirmations to set daily intentions and discuss the days activities.

  • Five Timeless Traveling and Cultural Tours.

  • Women Issues Seminars conducted by both Nekisha Michelle & Nigerian Counselor Nike Folagbade

  • Nightly girlfriend gatherings to process the days events.


ONE THING FOR CERTAIN, Nigerian men are not shy about expressing their interest and romantic obsession for the beautiful plus-size women from America. Although the attention seeking can be quite addictive, we’ve got you covered to help you meet the best of Nigerias elgible bachelors.

  • *Optional introductions to capatible single men.

  • Night life and club experience.

  • Social networking mixers.

  • Seminar from native women on dating and marrying Nigerian men.

  • Talk forum with married and single Nigerian men to understand their wants and need.


ALTHOUGH WE ARE WORKING diligently to create a dynamic itinerary, we do realize this trip is all about you and living out loud your passions, untapped dreams and motivational drive. Therefore, you will have plenty of time in the schedule to DO YOU!

  • Shop til you drop

  • Entertainment & amusement

  • Restaurant Hop

  • Talk business with local entrepreneurs

  • Participate in charity work

  • Visit the local Spas & Wellness Centers

  • Get your hair braided

  • Learn to cook native dishes

  • Get fitted for your taylor made African Royal Garments

  • Attend religious/spiritual services

  • Find hot spots to take hundreds of selfies for social media

  • Spend time with your new nigerian boo

  • Visit traditional healers


Big Registration Bonus

YOUR MEMORIES WILL START long befor you touch down in West Africa. The team at Nekisha Michelle International have put together a nine week live group coaching course on “True Love: How to Find Your Soulmate”

(Valued at $3497.00) but you take this course at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

  • Greater Self Appreciation

  • Dangers of Comparing Yourself to Others

  • Let Go of Mind & Heart Clutter

  • Creating Worthiness of Love & Joy

  • Key Questions to Ask

  • The Science of Love

  • Secret to Finding the Right Person

  • Activating Attraction

  • Happily Ever After

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