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Heal & Love Again 10 -Day Challenge

Welcome to the all new 10-Day Challenge, Heal & Love Again for Good Girls Done Wrong.


I can't share with you how delighted I am that you said yes to ending the barriers, and  personal setbacks  keeping you from enjoying your life and love.

I was truly the good girl done wrong but the good news is; self -discovery is the best discovery you will ever have.  My self-discovery led me to this life I have chosen to live and the work I am doing today.  I could not be any happier outside of knowing that finally, I get to reveal my secret to how I was able to  push through the pain, evolve my life to bliss, super-size my confidence and find true love.

My Story
Seven years ago I was in a very dark and sad place.  I was so embarrassed because I had a failed marriage that ended in divorce. After my divorce, I wanted to date again and could not get a man to treat me right.  I was always the one giving, settling but thinking all along I was compromising because I did not know the difference between sacrifice, compromise and settling.  It was so apparent to me when I look back on my life because  I was the one abandoned in my relationships, I was the one feeling so emotionally drained, I was the one not feeling heard and understood, and  I was the one feeling  hurt and hopeless.  

The Magic Mojo in 10 Simple Steps


The BEST part to my story is like you today, I finally took charge of my situation and realized everything I needed to create a life that I really wanted was already inside of me. I took my new found wisdom and was able to heal years of pain and confusion, redesign my life and fix my relationships issues in as little as six months.  LUCKY FOR YOU, you probably will not need that much time because  I have beautifully and intuitively  crafted the most important lessons I learned and turned  them into 10 doable steps so that you can heal and love again with speed.  


The Six Commandments of Success

To make the best of our time together here are SIX commandments, I strongly suggest for best results possible. 


1. Watch every video.  The videos are between 5-10 minutes in length.

2.  Complete the Love Work Assignments attached during a time when it's quiet and you can be reflective and introspective.

3.  Carve out 15-30 minutes of self-love & discovery time each day to dedicate your  attention to healing and owning  your personal power. 

4.  Eliminate all excuses, well planned lies and crises that you will attract to you, during these 10 days to keep you from experiencing your breakthrough.  What ever keeps you from you, has to be handled quickly.  Every time you miss a day please understand you are sabotaging your blessings and ability to achieve bliss.

5.  Put your work in the private group and tag Nekisha Michelle Kee and #Healandloveagain

6. Prepare for Nekisha Michelle or one of the coaches to respond and challenge you to evolve.

The best way to begin your journey toward being a ready woman is going through a serious of healing an forgiving your past.  This 10-Day challenge are little short assignments to get you in the mindset and heart for your upcoming monthly themes.

Nekisha Challenge papers.png

10-Day Challenge


Day 1 -Acknowledge the Nightmare


Day 2 -Align Your Soul

Day 3 -Reboot Your Spirit

Day 4 - Rewrite Your Story

Day 5 -Detox Your Life

Day 6 - Find Your Power

Day 7 - Manifest Your Desires

Day 8 -Breakthrough to Your BLISS

Day 9- Release Your Brilliance & BLISS

Day 10 - Your Vision of Love