Super Soul Detox Challenge -
How to release struggle, lack & pain


Day 1 - READ CHAPTER 5 OF The Ready Woman book by Nekisha Michlle KEE

The Detox Bath: Enjoy a detox bath to purify your body, mind and spirit daily.  Make time for you to release the stagnation, toxins and heal the wounds of your soul.  

What You Need:

  1. Olive Oil

  2. Sea Salt

  3. Rose Pedals

  4. Scented Candles

  5. Classical Music or Soft Worship Music

  6. Love Letter to yourself stating your intentions for the week, and the commitment you will make to yourself to follow through.

  7. Timer set for 30 minutes

  8. Something soft,silk,lace or satin to slide into when you have completed your evening bath.

Direction:  Run hot bath water as hot as you can take it.  Add 3 cap fulls of Olive oil and 3 table spoons of sea salt.  Add your rose pedals, light your candles and play your music.  Recite the following prayer (3x):

"Thank you, I love, please forgive me, release me,
help me, and show me the next best step."

Read your love letter to yourself aloud and leave 15 minutes to be quiet, relax and feel your emotions, your thoughts and your body in the water.  When you have compeleted your 30 minutes, pat dry and slide on your soft garment. Lastly, watch your nightly video ME (yes you are fasting from TV, gossip, complaining and being busy) and complete the assignment attached to it.  

Go to sleep and declare sweet dreams and big visions. 

Day 2


WHAT DO YOU WANT - Today, you are going to grab your journal and pour out your heart and soul, you may even cry a little or a lot.  But what we have to get to the bottom of is what do you REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT? Sometimes, we are afraid to ask, sometimes we don't feel we deserve it, other times we don't feel that we can truly have the desires of our heart.   This exercise is to help you get to the bottom of what you really want. Learning to tell the truth and learning to ask and learning to believe you can have it and that you are MORE THAN READY and DESERVING. 

Directions:  You are going to each night for the remaining 4 days write in your journal until you have nothing else to say.  You are going to start each sentence or new thought with...

1. What I really really really want is...

2. Pay attention to how you feel, what discomforts arise?

3.  You have to write really really really because this helps you get to the root of your desires and the blocks that are keeping you from having the love, happiness and joy you desire. 

4. After you write until you're empty compare each days desires and see if it changes and most importantly see if you are able to see the signs of manifestations. 

Day 3
Thank you

There is nothing more powerful and freeing than to say THANK YOU.  Sometimes we get caught up in complaining and feeling like we have so much to accomplish, we focus on who has done us wrong and often we take for granted what we have.  Today's lesson is practicing the art of paying it forward by telling those around you with a card or on beautiful stationary, what they have done for you and why they are essential to you.  No one is to great or small to give a simple note that says THANK YOU.  When you say thank you, you open up your world for so much good, prosperity and happiness.  It is time to THANK YOUR WAY to BLISS.

1. Make letterhead, purchase stationary, note cards or thank you cards.

2.  Make a list of 25 people who may not know you appreciate them, or may not know they are appreciated.

3. Take your time and hand write how they make you feel or add to your life and or day.

4. Mail them out, or take the time to hand deliver.

5. Don't forget to give one to yourself.

*Think about your co-workers, your grocery store clerk, you mailman/lady, your children, your hair stylist, your old boss, teacher, professor, neighbor, doctor.  There are so many people that have been a blessing to you.  Now is your time to polish the light in your soul and let them know.   Expect the unexpected to occur. 


Day 4  The Fast

There are some things that will never be released, fixed, healed or empowered until you learn the power and force of fasting.  To obstain from our attachments is the start of a disciplined mind, will and emotions otherwise known as your soul.  When you let go of enjoyable attachments and delights, you teach your inner child that she cannot have everything she wants when she wants it.  You teach her how to be less dependant and more self-reliant on her spirit.   Fasting brings clarity and vision. Vision that strengthens your inner voice, sense of self and your intuition.  The best fast ever is to obstain from food or a specific addictive food.  The idea of fasting is to fast until NOTHING has control over you.  The choice is yours. JUST FAST!!!  


  1. Make a list of your attachments.

  2. For an entire day decide which attachment you will do without.

  3. From 6am to 6pm release your attachment.

  4. Pay attention to what your soul is earning for without soothing yourself with that attachment.

  5. Replace that attachment with something healthy and whole, like music, affirmations, a good book.

  6. Report the outcome of your fast in the group.

Day 5 No More Tolerations

The soul evolves and magnetizes toward the dominate emotion we display.  Our emotions often depend on how we react to toxic situations and people.  The more we react, the more we attract the wrong situations and people.

The best way reduce your reactions and start being a responder is to become a toleration free zone.  Which means you stop tolerating and clean up your environment, your energy, the people around you and nasty habits that keep you stuck, unhappy and feeling helpless.  

The cleaner, beautiful and deliberate you are in your actions the less you have to react and the more peace, good fortune and blessings you receive.  Dark & Light cannot co-exist.  You are the lighthouse so it is time to increase your soul brilliance.  Get rid of what you are tolerating.  


  1. Look around your environment, what get's on your nerves? What have you said you needed to clean up, get rid of, give a way or leave behind?

  2. Observe the people around you, who do you need to set better boundaries, let go of, have a talk with or show them how to treat you?

  3. Are you do for a raise? Have you been dealing with conditions at work not feeling appreciated?

  4. Look at your clothes, your image are you happy with how you present yourself?

  5. Make a list of all the things you've been tolerating.

  6. Make a new list of how you plan on diminishing the tolerations? What are YOU going to do?

  7. Take your list of tolerations and burn them while saying affirming words, explaining why it is important that you be detoxed and free of tolerations.

  8. Commit to being a toleration free zone.

  9. Go on a brisk walk for 30 minutes carrying your ashes of tolerations.

  10. When you've walked to land of grass or water, release your tolerations and repeat the following:

"I am done, I am done, I am done, I am ready to receive more blessings, abundance, love and opportunities than I have ever had or received before.  I am the most important person and I will no longer tolerate or be tolerated.  I will celebrate and be celebrated."