Hey Sensual Goddess,

Unleashing the Goddess in you is a lifestyle shift and in 21 days you woke her up and she made her presence known to you. You now know she’s real and she deserves attention and all the best you are willing to give her.

Now it’s time to develop her into a full blown, significant woman who cannot be overlooked or denied.

Many of you understand the Significant woman is apart of the BLISS code of Beauty. Love. Intuition. Sensuality. Significance.

In the 21 Day challenge we worked on Sensuality and Intuition. In this newly developed program next level we will work on your significance, beauty and love. Primary emphasis being a significant woman and not just knowing how but completely embodying and infusing her as part of your total being.

What to expect

  • Monthly Masterclass Sessions with Q&A

  • Private 1 hour one-on-one coaching

  • Weekly emailed assignments

  • Bi-Weekly 15 min Accountability Check-ins.

  • Access to the replay

  • Private New Facebook Group

  • Access to the 21-Day Challenge for review

Transcend is a metamorphosis into your higher level calling, so that you can easily access the love, wealth and personal desires you so lovingly deserve.

The curriculum

Month One:
-Discover your Sensual Goddess Archetype

-Learn both your LIGHT & DARK archetypes

-Discover your higher calling

-Discover the most appealing image for your archetype.

Month Two:
-Discover & define your relationships both friendships and romantic.

- Learn your ten life cycles and how to manage them.

-How to use the Sun and Moon to manifest your desires and work with you and not against you.

-Discover the best rituals to manifest money, love and deep beneficial relationships.

Month Three:
-Making sex more gratifying

-The Fine Art of Loving you consistently

-Discover your emotional energy and flow in and out of all of the emotional energies when necessary.

-Discover the male emotional energy to identify what type of man he is and how to build a sensual relationship with the right communication skills.


The benefits

  • Move from awakened to embodying your new beautiful life with ease.

  • Diminish the subconscious sabotaging behaviors that keep your worth low.

  • Already have your 2020 planned and executed.

  • Feel in control of your life and set aligned intentions and actually be able to manifest them quickly.

  • Recreate your life, your radiance and your expectations of self and others.

  • Feel wanted, powerful and happier every day and on demand.

  • Feel free and certain about your mission and direction in life.

Start date

  • The start date for Transcend is November 12.

  • The end date is Sunday, January 12, 2020


The Investment

Private Coaching With Nekisha Michelle $250 for two hours but in Transcend you are getting 3 hours.

One hour training with Nekisha Michelle $497 & up but you’re getting three

Beautifully designed downloads and work assignments $597

Bi-Weekly Live Accountability Check-Ins $150 (per check in)

Private new engaging Facebook Group (priceless)

Grand Total Program Cost $2500


Hey Sensual Goddess,

This is a Beta Group and you are a founding Elite of The Ready Women Society. You will NOT PAY THAT PRICE (at least not today)!!!! But if you WAIT you will!

*Bonus Deal

Invest in Transcend and you get access to the G-Spot learning library FREE now until February 1, 2020!

What You Actually Invest

Paying full price is $597 Installment Plan $127 for 5 Months

Yooooo this is still an amazing beta deal!

Pay in Full


Pay in Installments